August 29, 2017

New collection: Tables & Flowers!

I am so excited to share my newest collection with you all! 
It's called "Tables & Flowers," and every painting in the series, ranging from florals to interiors to tablescapes, features one or both of those items. 

 This series was really an exploration of color and medium. I used Flashe vinyl paint in every painting (along with acrylics and wax crayon), and I had so much fun working with the paints. 

The vinyl paint operates very similarly to acrylic paint, but it dries with a soft, velvety texture (whereas acrylics are slightly glossy and shiny upon drying). The colors are AMAZING and they mix with acrylics really well. 

 Seated 8 - 16x20"

Seated 5 - 8x10"

This series has 17 paintings, ranging in size from 8x8" to 24x30". 

Part of this collection includes some tablescape paintings. I had SO much fun with these, from designing the tabletop to choosing the featured meal. 

Cake and Tarts - 11x14"

 in process

 Coffee and Eggs - 10x10"

I also did a couple of larger pieces

 Dream Room 7 - 24x30"

 You can find the full collection here in my Etsy shop

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