March 22, 2017

ArtWalk Recap

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the ArtWalk last week! 
The venue was busy and my art fit in perfectly with the sweet vintagey fabrics and girly vibe at The Dressmaker's Closet

Here are a few pics from the show set-up 
(I was too busy once the show started to get any photos of the crowd!)  

The Dressmaker's Closet's new downtown location

The shop's pale pink walls complemented my color palette very well

 Studios and Interiors

 Smaller works

A couple of my favorite pieces

prints & cards

 And a tiny video of the layout! 

 It was a great show and I can't say enough nice things about Julie and her staff at The Dressmaker's Closet for hosting. 

Thanks so much for having me!

March 20, 2017

Instagram Sightings

A few sightings of some of my Minted pieces on Instagram:


and Sitting Pretty I and II again because... this dog

Aren't these photos great? It's so cool to see my work in the wild.  

March 15, 2017


In and out of the studio:

 colorful paint scraps

pretty nook at The Greenbrier

 one of my new notepads at work!

 paintings in progress

so many flowers. 

from sketchbook to print. Pretty darn accurate! 

 new art supplies. all. the heart. eyes. 

working on some new interiors.

coffee & paint: typical day.

pssst don't forget about the ArtWalk this Thursday! 

March 13, 2017

Progress of a painting

Progress of a recent painting I finished: 

 I often paint the leaves first. 

Started filling in with color

Finished flowers and most of background

Drew detail on vase 

Painted final background color
"From a Table in Coventry"

This painting will be on display at the Charleston Art Walk on March 16!

March 09, 2017

Charleston ArtWalk

I am so excited to be participating in the Downtown Charleston ArtWalk on March 16 
in Charleston, West Virginia (my hometown)!

The ArtWalk is a "free self-guided walking tour of Downtown Charleston’s shops, galleries and businesses featuring regional art and performances." 

This is the ArtWalk's 15th year, and the first of the 2017 season. My venue will be The Dressmaker's Closet, which newly relocated to Quarrier Street from South Hills a couple of months ago.  Julie, owner of The Dressmaker's Closet, and her team are incredibly talented and I was honored to be asked to display for their inaugural ArtWalk

I will be showing lots of original work, including several new paintings, and will also have a few prints & cards for sale.

Thanks so much to The Dressmaker's Closet for featuring my work. 
The ArtWalk is next Thursday, March 16th from 5-8pm. 
Hope to see you there!