March 06, 2017

Greenbrier Sketchbook

I recently visited the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia with my family. We've been several times before, but this time the weather was beautiful and we got to enjoy the outdoors as well the resort, which was amazing. 

I had some free time on one of the days and, though I accidentally brought the wrong sketchbook (highly smooth drawing pages instead of absorbent painting pages), I did a few watercolor sketches of some of my favorite spots: 

 Lobby area outside of Main Dining Room

the Trellis Room

 the Victorian Writing Room, which, according to an old photo I saw, hasn't changed significantly since Dorothy Draper's infamous remodel in the 1950s. Kinda cool.

 The surrounding town and some of the Resort's grounds were devastated by floods last summer. There is still lots of rebuilding to do, but it was nice to see some clean-up being done and it was nice to support a place that needs it. 
(*I mean, totally worth it. Such a great, relaxing place!) 


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