October 01, 2014

New Christmas cards

New in the shop - Christmas cards

I had so much fun designing and painting these! I have never done Christmas cards before, so it was exciting... and also funny to be making them in August. I definitely may have watched several Christmas movies on Netflix to get in the holiday mindset. 

 You may see a few rejected designs in these piles. I designed several that were more minimal, but ended up going with 3 that were more illustrative.

Colorwise, I wanted an overall look of something a little rustic, a little vintage, and very painterly - something that could double as decor and look pretty sitting on a mantle or hung on a card garland (or however you display your cards! My mom puts them all in a basket on the kitchen island to invite people to freely pick them up and read them as individual moments - I always thought that was sweet). 

Each has a different inside greeting, so they all have their own personality. 

 Sold in boxed sets of 6, they are available in the shop and also at Yellow Door Art Market. 

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