October 25, 2017

New Floral Greeting Cards

Fall got busy out of nowhere and I haven't shared my new floral greeting cards with you yet! 

Printed from my acrylic floral paintings, these cards are super colorful and so fun! 
They feature a mix of hand lettering and lovely fonts and are perfect for almost any occasion. 

The Francophile in me loves these two: 

 This cute as a button Thanks a Bunch card

 This bright floral Thank You card is available as a single or a set:

A new birthday card, because who doesn't love flowers on their birthday?

Some fun friendship cards:

This one can be used as a thank you, for a friend, a congratulations card... 
so many reasons to let someone know they are the best! 

A lovely congrats card, because there are so many reasons in life to celebrate

And this sweet, quiet thinking of you card

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