May 02, 2017

Charleston, SC

I recently visited Charleston, South Carolina (the "other" Charleston for West Virginia folks) with my husband and I loved it!

I spent a lot of time just walking around the Historic District while Jason was busy with work events. 

feels like I'm on a Hollywood backlot

The architecture is just gorgeous - lots of colorful homes with porches from the 1800s lined with palm trees. 

this is a loquat tree - which, apparently, has zero relation to a kumquat. #themoreyouknow

I think I could have spent another week just walking around and looking at everything!

While I was there I stopped into Artist & Craftsman - a local art supply store. I feel like art supply stores (true ones, not "craft" stores) are so rare to find these days. 

my favorite gouache - so hard to find!

They had SO much packed in there and carried beautiful high-quality brands. I couldn't stock up too much since we were flying, but I did get a couple things. 

I won't even attempt to try and make a travel guide (there are so many good ones out there), but we had a great time and I would visit again in a heartbeat! 
(and, yes, everything you've heard is true: the food scene is amazing)

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