May 09, 2016

100 Day Project Update: days 1 - 10

Hey all!  Here are the first 10 days of my 100 Day Project: 
100 Days of Gouache Book

 days 1-9

day 10

I've been having a lot of fun with this challenge. I love that it forces me to paint every day, which is something that I don't always get to do. 
Running a small business is 60% (or more) business... the rest is creative. So carving out a smalll amount of time to paint, even on the "business" days is really nice. 

 day 5 detail 

 Plus I am LOVING working with gouache. I find myself still leaning towards making it more watercolor-like, but I am trying very hard to make myself use less water 
for more consistent opacity.

 (and, yes, day 3 was in homage to Prince)
(read more about the project here)


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